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ONE Compound

ONE Compound

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Zvizzer ONE Compound is a water based homogenised aluminium oxide polish and sealant that utilises DAT (Diminishing Abrasive Technology) that begins life as HC4000 Heavy Cut to remove defects, then refines the surface to FC2000 Fine Cut enhancing gloss, then ultimately finishing down to UC1000 Ultrafine Cut & Sealant leaving the perfect ONE step, ONE compound you need in your detailing arsenal. ONE contains a SiO2/polymer hybrid emulsion (slightly different to UC1000) which will leave a protective, hydrophobic layer for up to 12 months. As with all Zvizzer compounds, ONE has a long working time when used for prolonged paint correction however this will ultimately change depending on type of mechanical polishing used, pad combination, speed, pressure, paint type and climate conditions.


Using a sufficient amount of compound (3-4 pea sized dots) work the compound into an area at a low speed and pressure to spread the compound around the panel and into the pad surface. Whilst increasing pressure increase speed to a medium speed setting (E.g. 3-4 on Rupes Bigfoot DA (MKI/II/III)). 

Recommended use with:

Pad best suited for paint/application

Note:All compounds and pads can be used in any combination

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